Creative Clipboards

A recently altered these clipboards by first painting them with a couple coats of metallic gold acrylic paint and then adding black acrylic paint through a stencil.




They turned out ok, but they didn’t match with the feel of my craft space so I repainted them with some brighter colors.



Now they are much more cheerful!

You can barely see the stenciled images through the new paint on 6 of the clipboards.  The one with the dragonflies does show through, but I like it.

I did really like the doily stencil and I may try that one again, in white this time.  I also kind of want to give the dandelion stencil another chance.

I’ll post an update it I decided to try the stencils again.




Art Journaling by 5’s

20 pages in five 15 minute sessions is concept behind Journaling by 5’s.  I was introduced to this process by watching Adele Toomey on her Youtube channel Let’s Get Inkie. In her video Adele credits Shannon Green as the inspiration behind Journaling by 5’s and I’ve linked to both of their videos in the description portion of my Youtube video which is below.

The five sessions  of Journaling by 5’s are

1 – background – apply Paint and/or ink: 20 pages in 15 minutes

2 – texture – collage recycled and/or other materials: 20 pages in 15 minutes

3 -Pattern – use stamps and/or stencils: 20 pages in 15 minutes

4 – focal – apply words and/or image as focal point: 20 pages in 15 minutes

5_ detail  – pen and/or ink: 20 pages in 15 minutes

when you’ve completed all 5 sessions you can go back and repeat any if you want.

In Shannon Green’s video she uses a composition notebook with some of the pages glued together leaving her with 20 thicker pages to work on.  Adele Toomey used 20 separate sheets of paper which is what I chose to do as well.  My pages were made using paper from a mixed media paper pad that I cut down in size to fit into my art journal binder.

My favorite step was the first step and I also enjoyed step three very much. Steps two and four were my least favorite steps, but over all I loved this whole project.  The time limit and having a next step made me keep going when some the pages were looking bad after each of the first three steps, but the fourth and fifth step pulled them all together, and in the end the pages turned out great.

A big thank you to Shannon Green and Adele Toomey for sharing this wonderful art journaling process!