DIY StampeRor stamp positioning folder

When I was creating the StampeRor I began by using things I found at home.  I basically needed something a clear or cling stamp would stick to that I could use to stamp the stamp in the same spot over and over again. I liked being able to see the stamp through the folder so I looked for clear or transparent things I could use.  Clear plastic packaging and an embossing folder were two of the things I came up with.

One DIY version of the StampeRor is made with the clear plastic top from a “Swifter” container and a clip board.  I simply cut the plastic from the container down to size and taped it to a clip board. The clipboard is nice because you can use the clip to secure your paper in place.

Another version is made with an embossing folder that I cut apart at the folded plastic joint and then taped back together so that the smooth sides faced each other. I had originally cut the embossing folder apart because the design was in the bottom left corner of the folder and I wanted to align the bottom of my paper up with it, but the folded plastic joint prevented me from doing that if my paper was larger than the embossing folder.

The video below shows me making both versions.

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StampeRor stamp positioning folder

A few months ago I created the StampeRor.  The StampeRor is a stamp positioning folder for clear and/or cling stamps. It’s made with two acrylic sheets bound together in a way that allows them to be folded one atop the other.

StampeRor 5 x 7 blue stamp positioning folder by Bachelle on Etsy: StampeRor 5 x 7 blue stamp positioning folder by Bachelle on Etsy

  • To use the Stamperor open the folder and place the item you want to stamp on one side of the folder.
  • Secure the item in place. with use clips, rubber bands or low adhesive tape.
  • Place clean clear/cling stamp on top the item to be stamped with the stamp side down.
  • When you have the stamp in the position you want close the remaining side of the StampeRor over top the stamps and press down to stick the stamps to the acrylic.
  • Open the StampeRor, ink the stamp(s) and fold it back over the item. The stamp will go back to the place it was picked up.
  • Press down on the acrylic where the stamp is, open the folder and check the stamped image.
  • If the stamped image is good, then clean and remove the stamps.
  • If however the stamped image didn’t stamp completely then re-ink the stamp and fold the Stamperor onto the item again.
  • As long as the item to be stamped and the clear/ cling stamp(s) haven’t moved you can stamp again on the same spot as before.

And that’s all there is to it.

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Back to School Cards 2015

It’s back to school time for my daughters.

Last year for the first day of school I made my daughters cards that I secretly put in their backpacks for them to find during their school day. When they got home they told me how much they liked the cards and that they also liked the surprise of finding the cards when they were at school.

This year I while talking with my daughters about the things we needed to do to get ready for the first day of school my youngest daughter said “You need to make our cards” and her sister nodded in agreement. So the cards weren’t a surprise this year, but knowing they looked forward to getting them made it extra special for me.

These are the cards I made for them:

Materials / products used for the “Back to School Cards”

DCWV paper pack “The Year Round Stack”

color card stock

Memento Tuxedo Black ink

studiog clear stamp “I’m Proud of You”

Tombow mono permanent adhesive

StampeRor stamp positioning folder