500 Subscriber Giveway

I’m super excited to announce that I’ve reached 500 subscribers on my YouTube channel and as a thank you to celebrate this momentous occasion I’m doing a give away of a junk journal style notebook.


The journal / notebook is 8 1/2″ by 5 1/2″ and has 70 pages made from using a variety of papers such as book pages, ledger paper, coffee dyed paper and patterned paper.  I’ve also added a some ephemera pieces tucked into a few of the pockets.

To enter to win this journal, simply subscribe to my YouTube  channel and leave a comment on the 500 subscriber give away video stating that you want to be entered to win.   A link to the video is below





Sketch it out Thursday CMG

My first video for The Crafty Maven Getaway channel is up.  It’s actually been up for a couple of weeks, but I forgot to post about it here and I also forgot to add it to my own youtube channel.

The Crafty Maven Getaway Inspiration Piece 6th-12th March 2016:

I used the dark blues and golden tan color of the bread from the inspiration piece to choose my photos and patterned papers.



The pictures I chose for this layout are of my daughter Emma eating cake and ice cream at her two year old birthday party.

June 19th 2015 sketch by Laura Whtiaekr @ Scrappin' Around the Clock: Sketching for ScrapMuch?:

I found the sketch I used on Pinterest it’s by Laura Whitaker.

Below is a link to the video on the Crafty Maven channel.













My New Happy Planner(s)

I was browsing in Michael’s when I spotting this big beautiful Happy Planner!


At first I walked away because I don’t need another planner.  I don’t even use the planners I have now as planners, I use them as journals. Eventually, however, I did go back and buy the big beautiful Happy Planner and a couple days later I bought another smaller one too.


I didn’t realize when I bought the smaller one that it had the same title on the cover as the big one.  There was only one option at the store for the large planner, but there were several options for the small planner I just happened to pick the same one.


This type of planner will to take some getting used to because these planners have a vertical layout which is different from any planner if used before.  Also the weeks in these planners are set up from Monday to Sunday which, again, is different for me.



It’s April now, but the pages in the planner don’t start until July so I made some pages in the vertical Monday-Sunday style layout for the months leading up to July. I made the pages using a spread sheet and printed them on some cardstock I had on hand.


My printed pages aren’t exactly like the pretty ones that come with the planner, but they’re close and they will give me a chance to find my style working with this new layout before I get to planning with the pretty pages.


Iris container with a tray

Joann’s had a 50% off sale on all their storage stuff plus a 25% off coupon of the total purchase including sale items so I was checking out the storage area  when I found two Iris containers with tray inserts sitting on a shelf.  I was super happy to save money and get these awesome containers at the same time, but to be honest I would have bought the containers without the sale or the coupon.

I’ve seen other crafters with these type of  Iris trays on youtube, but I haven’t been able to find them at any of the craft stores I go to so when I saw these at Joann’s I snatched them up quick and searched the shelves for more.  Sadly I only found the two. I’ve been back to Joann’s several times since then, but I haven’t seen any more of them.


I’m using the Iris container and trays to sort and store my Citrus Twist Kits.  I keep the embellishments in the tray  and put the tray on top the paper and any large sticker sheets that I put in the bottom of the container.

image   image

Because I only have the two containers with trays I keep my most recent kit in one and combine the previous months kits in the other.



Freckled Foot

I asked my daughter McKayla if I could take a picture of the freckle on the bottom of her foot because I wanted to make a scrapbook page about it.  She agreed, but she was like “Oh Mom.” and she covered her face when I took the picture.


I wanted use bright colors for this page because McKayla’s favorite colors are bright pink and orange.

The backflow ground paper and the paper the photo is matted on are from my Citrus Twist Kit . the background paper is by Citrus Twist  and it has little pink, yellow and orange triangles all over it.  The paper I matted the photo on is by Pink Paislee. I used the front and back side the the Pink Paislee page.  One side was pink with black dotted circles and the other side was a black and white stripe.


I made a yellow tag with a die,  my Cuttlebug and a yellow gingham patterned paper from my stash.  The yellow paper was pretty thin so I cut two tags from the yellow paper and glued them together to make the tag sturdier.

I scattered pink sequins around the page.  The sequins also came from a Citrus Twist Kit.  There were pink and blue sequins in the kit, but I only used the pink ones on this layout.  The sequins are made of a thicker plastic than any I have seen before and they have a bit of an iridescent shine to them.

The alpha stickers were also from a kit. They are a peachy orange color and are they are kind of  translucent, but they didn’t come with any manufacture information so I don’t know who made them.


I also added one puffy butterfly sticker to the bottom right of the photo.  The sticker is from an American Crafts Thickers sheet that, again, was in my Citrus Twist Kit.

Some of the embellishments in the kit came in a small glassine bag.  I saved the bag and used it to hold the tag that’s being the photo.  I wrote my journaling on the tag and stamped the top of the tag with a stamp from the kit that said “seriously cute”.

I kept this page pretty simple, and I love it!


Below is a process video of this page.


New Craft Space

I recently moved my craft space to a different part of out basement so that I could take advantage of any natural light coming in the windows.


I’m using all the same furniture as before, but I have re-arranged a few things.


I briefly considered painting all the furniture white, but I didn’t want to wait any longer than I had to to have my craft space back in working order.


My space is mostly functional, but I hope to add more decorative pieces or to make the functional pieces more decorative.


It’s all still a work in progress, but  I’m able to scrapbook and make videos as I continue to work on the space.




Creative Clipboards

A recently altered these clipboards by first painting them with a couple coats of metallic gold acrylic paint and then adding black acrylic paint through a stencil.




They turned out ok, but they didn’t match with the feel of my craft space so I repainted them with some brighter colors.



Now they are much more cheerful!

You can barely see the stenciled images through the new paint on 6 of the clipboards.  The one with the dragonflies does show through, but I like it.

I did really like the doily stencil and I may try that one again, in white this time.  I also kind of want to give the dandelion stencil another chance.

I’ll post an update it I decided to try the stencils again.




Fun In The Sun


The photos I used for this page are of my daughter McKayla at the beach in Fort Myers Beach. In the largest photo McKayla is holding up a seashell she found on the beach.

I loved using mixed media on this page.

I used a gift card to spread blue and gold acrylic paint on a sheet of white 12″ x 12″ cardstock.

After the acrylic paint dried I added modeling paste to the page by using a gift card and spreading the past through a journaling stencil. I chose the stencil because of the wavy lines.

The modeling paste had a some height to it when it dried and I wanted my photos to overlap a little of the modeling paste lines so I added foam to the back of the phote cluster to adjust for the height difference.

I used a scrap of patterned paper and a beach sign stamp to make the tag to the left of the photo.

I used two  beach themed Fiskars stamp sets for this page.  In addition to the beach sign tag I also stamped seagulls, seashells and a part of a sun  onto the page.

I had so much fun working with stamps and mixed media on this layout and I love how the page turned out!


Below is a process video for my “Fun in the Sun” scrapbook page.


Lucky Lady

Emma was huge hit at the St. Patrick’s Day parade with her gorgeous red hair and fair skin, she got lots of beads and candy.

When Emma was about two and half years old her Aunt Patty took her to the St. Patrick’s Day parade downtown in St. Louis.  I was unable to attend the parade with them, but Patty gave me this picture and told me about how all the people commented on Emma’s beautiful red hair.

Emma is older now and although she has lost those cute curls, she still has that awesome red hair.


Below is a process video for the “Lucky Lady” page.